hi i'm meera!! im a 20 y/o artist and animation student :3 pls read my dni byf!!! comms open

INTERESTS comics, monster high, bratz, star wars, buffy the vampire slayer, tlou, sci-fi, fantasy, mythology, horror, kaiju movies, fnaf, tmnt + more!!


mixed white/south asian ✮ leo ✮ july 31 ✮ 18+ mutuals dm me for my alt twt + personal socials

DNI NFT, terfs, edtwt, depp fans, vivziepop fans, dsmp fans, zoos, maps + proshippers + ppl who follow/interact w proshippers. i will block if u interact!

icon // OPEN
bust $10USD
extra character +50%

critter // OPEN
bust $10USD
extra character +50%
i was inspired by one of those little drawn memes that i cannot find but will link if i can!!

simple // OPEN
halfbody $20USD
fullbody $25USD
extra character +50%

sketch // OPEN, 8/10 slots left
bust $25USD
halfbody $45USD
fullbody $65USD
extra character +50%
please clarify which style you would like, 01 (more crayon and grainy like) or 02 (more gelly and smooth)

cartoon // OPEN
halfbody $30USD
fullbody $40USD
extra character +50%
background +30USD

clean // CLOSED
bust $40USD
halfbody $60USD
fullbody $80USD
extra character +50%

WILL DRAW original characters, fan art, ship art

WON'T DRAW nsfw, mecha, furries, gore/violence, real people EXCEPT for the simple style which i am open to doing real ppl for!

✮ fill out the commission form then dm me to let me know✮ all progress is tracked on my trello (linked at the bottom of page)✮ i accept payment thru paypal or ko-fi!✮ max two slots per person✮ i am likely to raise prices for extra details/props or complicated designs✮ i have the right to refuse a commission if i feel uncomfortable or not up to it!✮ if something were to come up/in an emergency and i am not able to complete your commission, i will issue a refund✮ wait time is two weeks to two months depending on how busy i am with uni and work.✮ i will send updates when i finish sketches/lines then colour!
✮ if you are rude or make me uncomfortable i will refund and block you
✮ i do draw in between commissions, if you see me posting personal art, don't think i've been slacking off! i just do it as a break and warm-ups✮ i may post your commission or use it to promote future commissions!✮ please let me know beforehand whether you are comfortable with me putting your commission on my google drive to show as an example [it will have your username as credit]- and if you are, whether you would like it to be watermarked or not✮ as of right now my art is not to be used for commercial purposes